Pakistan: a story of the surreal and the sublime

Yesterday was different, at least for me. It was one of those days when that batsman who survives because of a no-ball ends up scoring a century; or when the ball hits the stumps but the bails don’t come off; or when you drop the catch for the best batsman in the world and he has to walk on the next ball anyway; or when your scorecard is reminiscent of decades ago when your line up wouldn’t devastatingly crumble; or when a team you expect to score 180, wins by that same margin instead. 

Yesterday was different for me because our game embodied everything we represent as a nation; a little bit of madness, a vast amount of skill, effort, passion, prayer, a few silly mistakes, the ability to rise up when it is least expected, and of course, a little bit of magic; all the elements that make us completely predictable in our unpredictability; all the elements that make us Pakistan. 

These are kids that haven’t played at home, don’t have the resources, the training, the exposure, or the support that athletes require; they have been ostracized and left out of international contests. Yesterday was different because it felt like it no longer mattered how we had been wronged, it didn’t matter which team we beat as long as we were the winners, it didn’t matter whether we were allowed to play in Pakistan because we brought every last bit of Pakistan to them. 

Congratulations guys; this is a victory for all of us if there ever was one! ❤

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